Essay About Smartphone: 300 Words Essay on Smartphone 2019 Latest

Essay About Smartphone [Introduction]

Essay About Smartphone: 300 Words Essay on Smartphone 2019 Latest


The smartphone is a Mobile phone which is an advanced technology with functionality similar to a computer. Nowadays technology boosted up this much that if anyone holding a phone is similar to as holding a computer in his hand. As we are a being of a new phase. Above all people need speed, quality, the accuracy nowadays fulfilled by a device which just fits in our Pocket. In contrast, this device is the greatest and wisest invention in the history of mankind.

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Essay About Smartphone

 "We all are aware of the device that we hold in our hand but seriously how would you define What is a Smartphone? if anyone asks you COMMENT BELOW"

What is a Smartphone?

The device is a combination of a cellular phone and a Handheld Computer. Smartphones Consist of an Operating System and it also has Storage on it. Where users can Install their apps like on the computer we do. And then they use it.

Operating System Of a Smartphone

The Smartphone is a device which works on the various operating system. Besides all Symbian is the most popular operating System Software. Some of the operating systems are listed below:

  • Symbian
  • Linux
  • Java 
  • Apple Os

Famous Companies of Smartphones

After the invention of smart mobiles. Technology blew up so fastly that nowadays you have a smartphone which costs really low. Almost every company is competing and trying to provide to give the best in Quality phones. As a result, people around the world have a wide option to choose the best device for them. Some of the famous Smartphones Companies are listed Below: Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Honor, Xaiomi, Realme and even more companies are there. These are some famous Companies around the world.

Some Example of Smartphones

  • Redmi K20 Pro, 
  • Apple iPhone 10x, 
  • Oppo A3s, 
  • Vivo Z1 Pro and many more are there in the market.

This is the Short Essay About Smartphone: 300 Words.

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